How to Define your Personal Style?

We often compare ourselves to celebrities, friends and family members. You just adore the way they dress and they seem to glow in the wake of their unique personal styles. Comparing ourselves to others is just our human nature. I too used to look at others and just wish I was as stylish as they were. That was until I set out to discover and develop my own style. There are guidelines that you should follow to defining your personal style. You are just as stylish and unique as anyone else. It's time that you stepped into and own your unique difference. Girl, you are beautiful and quirky just like me so let's get to it!

Developing your Personal Style

  1. Know who you are. This is a big part of defining your style. You must truly know you, what makes you happy? What makes you moody? What makes you unique? If you miss this step you will find yourself mimicking someone close to you or even your favorite celebrities style. Wear what makes you feel the best version of yourself.

  2. Who are your fashion muses? Write a list of five fashion muses. People that your truly admire their style. Now, narrow down what you have in common. If you do not have anything in common with anyone you wrote down in your list then mark them off because tha