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How Your Skincare Routine is Improving your Mental Health

I’m not sure if you’re aware but it’s Mental Health Month…did you know that?

It’s okay if you didn’t because just like the snap of your fingers I have helped you out and gave you a little bit of knowledge you didn’t quite have before clicking on this blog. I started this blog out asking that question because I’m in my serious zone today, so y'all puuuhlease behave! It’s real out here in these streets and the pandemic was the gasoline poured on an already well lit fire.

By the end of 2021 Covid-19 triggers increased anxiety and depression by 25%! Social isolation and fear of being infected with covid-19 was the driving force. I don’t know about you, but my anxiety levels were at an all time high and some days they still are. Needless to say stress levels are at an all time high even if you’re afraid to be honest and ask yourself that hard question. Am I stressed? Maybe you fear your own response of "Yes, by the way I am stressed AF!”

Now with that being said, all of these stress related internal factors are effecting your skin. Afterall, what you eat and experience internally will show up in your skin at some point which brings about a different form of anxiety which is why I want to empower you with how you can use skincare to improve your mental health.
When practicing self-care your body immediately relaxes. Mindful skincare will reduce stress and anxiety bringing you to a place of calm. Your breathing slows down, you take in more oxygen and release toxins from your body. Doing so regularly boost your confidence and self esteem giving you an added boost to take on the challenges in your day.

Here are 4 ways skincare routines help your mental health:

1. It gives you connection with yourself. Pampering yourself should be at the top of your priority list. It sets the tone at the beginning of your day and the end of your day. Having this time for yourself releases those feel good hormones that help you conquer anything in your path.

2. Boost your confidence. The mission in my business and of my platform is to empower women to show up bigger, braver and bolder in life and in business. The vehicle of choice in achieving my mission is skincare and beauty. Women have so much to overcome and deal with daily, especially women of color and how we show up plays a huge part in our success. Having healthy skin that’s radiant speaks volumes and has been proven to boost confidence, giving women more courage to speak up and step from behind that invisible curtain we so often use to keep us complacent.

3. Mentally sends a Powerful message spiritually. When you take time to slow down and really care for the vessel that is housing your beautiful spirit. You are sending a powerful message to yourself that “you matter” to this world. It’s a way for you to shuffle through all your wins for the day and celebrate you. I don’t care how big or small the win is. A win is a damn win and you should make it a habit to slow down and celebrate you more often.

4. Manages your stress and anxiety levels. With so much chaos in the world you need something to help you manage your stress and anxiety. For you it may be a therapist but for me and others it's that monthly visit with my trusted esthetician. That time where I can leave all my worries at the door, lay on a facial bed and truly decompress while simultaneously tending to my skin’s health…I’m here for it! The vibe in the room, the burning candles, the aroma therapy, dim lights and soft music will immediately bring your stress levels down to non existent.

All I'm saying is times are dark but there's always small silverlinings in a dark cloud that can make a big impact. If nothing else at least try it and tell me how amazing you felt afterwards.
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