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what is your skin trying to tell you

I have many clients that I consider to be very confident however when it comes to their skin they all have admitted it’s the one area that they are very self-conscious about. I completely understand the struggle because all it takes is that one blemish that decides to play peek-a-boo to throw me off my A game. I take it personal because I know it’s taunting me or at least that’s the way that I feel. Whether you want to admit or not, it does turn down the volume on your confidence. Listen, it’s nothing wrong with admitting that a little or BIG pimple is making you want to disappear. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re having a skin melt down and you have to face the real world, yeaaaah that feeling is what led me to do this blog topic.

As a business owner I’m always in someone’s face discussing beauty and the last thing I want to do is lack confidence in my appearance and have unwanted chatter going on between my blemishes, especially when I’m speaking about the health of your skin. I can’t have anything protruding from my face, its just a matter of principle for me. I have always maintained a consistent skincare regimen and that's all I scream day in and day out. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat, Tone and Moisturize! Skin breakouts happen to everyone and I know everyone's skin journey is different and I just want to spread some love and hope on your skin woes.

Let’s talk about skin and how it’s constantly talking to us. First and foremost it is extremely important that you evaluate your skin daily because blemishes and different other issues that may arise is your skins way of communicating to you about your health. It’s a low alert signal flashing to inform you that something needs maintenance. What I see happen the majority of the time is that we see a blemish and we automatically try to fix it without evaluating what your skin is trying to tell you. How would you like to call up customer service and tell them you have a problem with your cell phone bill and they tell you to try a new charger and BOOM they hang up! You would be pissed! Yes it could temporarily make the immediate issue disappear now that you're pissed that your concern isn’t being addressed so your focus is now on the horrible service you were provided. That’s the same way your skin feels when it’s having issues. Just as you would’ve expected the cell phone customer service representative to do further research of your concern. Your skin demands the same level of service when it's communicating it's concerns to you. It’s calling up customer service which just so happens to be you! It’s saying “hey, there’s an issue inside can you please research and resolve this issue?" As soon as you notice your skin concern whether it be a breakout, excessive oil, rash patches, white heads, black heads, enlarged pores, swollen eyelids, etc., should be an indicator where you pause to determine what triggered this issue.

What does these breakouts mean?

· Hairline= Digestive & Spleen. Eat less processed or junk food…Periodt!

· Middle of Eyebrows= Liver. The human body does have limitations and it's extremely important that you be careful what you eat. The human body can't process certain things which our liver has trouble breaking down and so it has to alert you that there's a toxin hanging around.

· Dark circles=Dehydration. Drink plenty water and apply a Vitamin C serum in this area to help with your dark circles. If you are the type that never really have dark circles then this is your warning signal. This can also occur due to genetics and if dark circle runs in your family please do not bust down Sephora doors looking for a's in ya DNA chiiillle.

· Nose= heart. Be sure to go to your annual check ups to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Your heart is what pumps the blood through your body and keeps you going so don't ignore those warning signs. Try eating healthier with more omega-3 (fish, nuts, avacados, flax seed are a great source of omega).

· Cheeks= respiratory. There can be many stresses in the respiratory system which shows itself through breakouts. Some of the stresses can be asthma, air pollution, allergies, and lack of deep breathing. If you experience breakouts in the cheek area then you may want to start your self evaluation.

· Jawline= hormonal. When you experience breakouts on the jawline the first thing you want to check on is your hormones. Anytime you breakout where a man normally grows hair it's connected to an imbalance somewhere in your hormones. Maybe you are about to get a visit from aunt Flo or your hormones have been thrown off balance due to stress.

· Chin= Hormones. Your chin is another way that your hormones shows its alert signals. Minimize sugary and dairy products. Again be careful of what you eat due to many foods are being injected with hormones. Sometimes the hormones that's rearing it's head through your skin is not your hormones but a rejection of the hormones in your food. Try your best to eat as clean as possible.


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