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You've been wanting to be BOLD & Start that Business, Repair that broken relationship, Shift out of your comfort zone and truly find your way to your destiny & purpose in life, right?  

However, you don't even know where to begin.  Your ideas are all over the place, you don't have the proper resources to get going, you're confused and you just feel lost at sea with no boat or flashlight to see your way to dry land! 

Taking action takes confidence and you must tap into the POWER within to make your heart desires your REALITY!


Create an extraordinary life by Manifesting your heart desires and doing so UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

You CAN be that woman you daydream about that looks FIERCE, FABULOUS & SEXY all while making constant BOSS MOVES.  YOU have the POWER to do anything you think about and dream about.

I know it's scary.  It's something you may not have seen happen yet, but can I tell you something my Beautiful Friend?  It is POSSIBLE!  I am a living witness and you will be too.  You are the Beginning and the END!   So what does that mean?


It means that you are the Illustrator of your can make it a Fantasy or use the power given to you to make it a Reality.

Confidence on Stilettos is a 1 on 1 program designed to help you identify your feminine power by way of goal setting, re-claiming your self love, discovering your purpose, making a plan and working the plan. WAIT! There's more...this is no walk on the beach.  No one ever got results by being comfortable and beating around the bush.  This is a program that will challenge you to take a deep look within and search for those hidden treasures, stretch you to develop the skills necessary to achieve your goals.  You may not have any Stiletto Confidence today but your CONFIDENCE will be on STILETTOS when you DECIDE that enough is enough and you're READY to live life on your own terms!



You have MILLION DOLLAR dreams buried inside of you and they are destined to be Unleashed!  You have the power and your confidence does have stilettos...Where are your Stilettos?  This is no get rich quick scheme...This is a CHANGE YOUR LIFE and DEVELOP the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF PROGRAM.  It's a sacred, everlasting journey.

But Most Importantly you're ready to elevate your life to the next level!  This is a Sacred Journey that YOU must COMMIT to.


We all have VISIONS, DREAMS, RELATIONSHIPS, and PASSIONS to breathe life into.  AM I Right?  To give life to your dreams you must be BOLD and UNSHAKEABLE!  This is what Confidence on Stilettos pushes you to become.  


A Bold, Fierce, Feminine, Powerful woman that is UNMESSABLE with!

I teach simple strategies and techniques that will help you discover who you are and your TRUE passions.  Not the passions you see others living out and decide "heeeyy I want to do that too".  Your true passions by divine right!

Hi I’m Laketta!

I work with women who are secretly yearning for a re-vamp in their inner and outer image.  I help them reclaim their self-love & Confidence by showing them how to shift their mindset to completely get in touch with their authentic self and bring their personality to their style to attract clients and a lifestyle they desire and deserve to show up bigger, braver and bolder in life and in business.  I have been in the beauty industry for 13 + years and know how you can lose your identity through someone else's idea of who you should be.  I am extremely passionate about helping women find the undiscovered diamonds of their life and shifting their mindset to manifest the life they have always dreamed of living.  Let me show you how to uncover your Million Dollar ideas and live a Sacred Life!

Ok, so you've tried everything you could possibly try to take that heavy feeling that you perceive as a burden off of you.  The promotion presented itself but you didn't even apply for the position because what if I can't really do the job? The biz opportunity showed up and you turned it down because "Oh no! my skills are not where they should be?"  You've given yourself every excuse in the book and now you feel stuck.  You keep praying the same prayer but getting the same result because you keep turning down the blessings as they arrive. Well I have the solution right here!




Women who are sick and tired of living a mediocre life and are ready to


Commit to Extraordinary change

Ready to be Bold Action Takers and let go of excuses.

Any woman that feels the weight of not taking action on the visions and dreams given to them

Women that want to identify the skills and abilities needed to propel their life forward.

Create a Signature Style and Identity that is authentic to where they're headed on this journey

Women that are ready to show up BIGGER, BRAVER & BOLDER in Life & Business!

The driven entrepreneur/business owner

Ok My Fearless Beauties!  If you're ready to Step from behind the curtain and step in front of the camera of life then let's queue up the lights!  LIGHTS! CAMERA! WAAAIITT! Grab your Stilettos!  ACTION!

To Stop living on the side lines and show up Fierce in your zone of genius

To STOP living in the past and step fearlessly into your future

To discover what's been holding you back from living the life that is yours by divine right

To feel more sexy, feminine, & bold in life and in business

To Uncover your Million Dollar dreams and breathe life into them

To discover the sacred journey within to reclaim self love


I know what it feels like and it feels AMAZING!

So are you ready?  Ok Great...Let's get this party Started!

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