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 Pro Makeup Artist, Esthetician & Beauty Expert, Laketta Willis is a mother, confidence coach, entrepreneur, speaker and an authentic example of elevation.


Laketta  empowers women by creating timeless looks and educating all women through the health of your skin to show up bigger, braver and bolder in life and business. Her main goal is to help every woman build confidence to be able to use her voice to conquer everything this life has to offer.


With 13 years of experience in the Beauty Image Industry she has created a solid platform to lead women back to where they belong, Front & Center showing off their crowns in a Bold Elegant Presence.  She knows all too well what lack of self-confidence  can do for you.  You'll find yourself:

  • Always second guessing your every move

  • No one will have Confidence in you because you don't possess confidence in yourself

  • Your results for success will drastically decrease resulting in not moving forward with promotions or business ventures.  


She knew at the tender age of 12 that she had her own unique style but it wasn't until her early twenties when she faced a very dismal phase in her life that her passion grew to heights that couldn't be ignored.  Fashion and Makeup pulled her out of deep depression so she is not silent about letting the world know that she didn't choose Fashion or Makeup but they chose her.


Makei Beauty Image Consulting was created to cater and service every beauty need of women.  Your image is a direct reflection of your inner beauty so why not show it off.  If your inside looks good, your outside will be a direct reflection of that.  Image is very important to her as her philosophy is "Unlock your Beauty Box".  Women must show up in the world Confident and Bold to achieve the highest levels of success. Her image for success will look completely different than your image for success but nonetheless you must first SHOW UP!" Don't give them a reason to say No or Walk right on pass you, make them take notice. 

Be Unapologetic about your mission to show Bigger, Braver and Bolder in life and business.

When Laketta is not educating women on their personal image she enjoys traveling when she can and spending time with her beautiful three children.

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