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I have always had normal skin, well that was until I started having kids.  While navigating my 3rd pregnancy I noticed my skin having breakouts, excessive oil and black heads galore. To top it off I also started having severe eczema.  I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed a multitude of ointments that didn't work for me.  One thing I can tell you about skin that holds true to this day and that is it definitely plays a big role in your confidence.  I tried everything and nothing worked and I assumed it was because of the pregnancy and the hormones that goes along with pregnancy.  Fast forward, I gave birth to my son and the oily skin and black heads got worse and now my pores were visible and my eczema was raging out of control. 

With my experience of 15+ years as a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist I decided to take matters into my own hands and started developing skincare formulas in the kitchen to turn into products to use for a desired result.  Everything that I formulated I implemented in my skincare regimen and I started to notice results!  My eczema subsided, my enlarged pores were minimized and thank God my natural glow was back along with my confidence.  Thus, Makei Beauty Skincare was born. 




It's Simple...our mission is to create simple skincare systems that effectively restores the health and radiance n your skile providing your with aromatic therapeutic experiences to soothe your mental and encourage you to embrace a consistent self-care routine.  It's all about #TheMakeiGlow.  We take you to a Magical Palace to escape and reconnect with you

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