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Standing Boldly in your Confidence has always been the foundation of the Makei Experience and there's no exception to Makei Lashes.  Our lashes will make heads turn, jaws drop and dreams come true! Shop our many collections

We believe women were born to be creators, powerful, &  Bold which in simplest terms means BOSS BEAUTY!

Our Mission is to empower and inspire every woman by creating products that are innovative, creative and a representation that dreams do come true. We hope that women will discover their feminine power through Bold, Powerful Signature Beauty looks to stand tall and conquer every dream in her heart.

It all started with a dream to empower and inspire women to find their voice and look damn good while doing what their heart desires.

Makei Lashes was founded by Laketta Willis in her home studio to inspire and empower women through the confidence that lashes provide. Every woman deserves to feel like she's in the spotlight everyday of her life.  Unfortunately, the beauty industry has painted a narrative that beauty is a one look fits all but Laketta is out to change that narrative by creating an inclusive beauty brand for all women. Laketta is passionate about women and has made it her life journey to create products & services that empowers women to look & feel amazing by showing up bigger, braver and bolder in life and in business. With over 13+ years in the beauty industry she understood the lack of confidence women go through that affects the way that they navigate the world as it relates to personal and professional ventures.

After a long journey through the psyche of women she decided to create lashes that not only give women choices but lashes that were natural and complimentary to any and every beautiful occassion in a woman's life.  

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