Are Skin Tones really THAT Important?

With so many different types of foundations on the market it’s not hard to get confused of what foundation would be the best fit for you. Do you have a warm undertone? Hmm. How about a cool undertone or are you neutral (between warm and cool)? Chances are if you’ve tried a foundation that you know matched, but you look dull or ashy then the undertone did not match. To get that perfect match you must understand there’s a difference in skin tone vs undertone.

Skin tone is the color that everyone can see. It’s the color of your skin. Easy enough, right?

Undertone is the color under your skin that no one can really see. Now, this is the one that’s hard to truly discover. Don’t fret because there are a few tricks to determining what your true undertone is. My “go to” method of determining undertones is by looking at veins, hair and eye color.