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Are Skin Tones really THAT Important?

With so many different types of foundations on the market it’s not hard to get confused of what foundation would be the best fit for you. Do you have a warm undertone? Hmm. How about a cool undertone or are you neutral (between warm and cool)? Chances are if you’ve tried a foundation that you know matched, but you look dull or ashy then the undertone did not match. To get that perfect match you must understand there’s a difference in skin tone vs undertone.

Skin tone is the color that everyone can see. It’s the color of your skin. Easy enough, right?

Undertone is the color under your skin that no one can really see. Now, this is the one that’s hard to truly discover. Don’t fret because there are a few tricks to determining what your true undertone is. My “go to” method of determining undertones is by looking at veins, hair and eye color.

Look at your veins on the underside of your forearm. If your veins appear blue then you have a cool undertone. If your veins are a mixture of blue and green or it’s just slightly hard to determine the vein color then more than likely your skin undertone is “neutral”.

Another way to determine your undertone is by draping a white towel around your shoulders. If your skin appears too blue or pink then you have cool undertones. If your skin appears peachy or yellow then you have warm undertones. Neutral undertones normally appear greenish next to white.

Oh yes! There’s other ways that you can determine your undertone. Are your ready for more? I thought you would be. Jewelry! Don’t frown or get confused just keep reading. Does silver look good on you? If so, then you have a cool undertone. If gold looks fabulous on you then you are definitely a warm undertone. These are just a few ways to help you determine your skin's undertone. This is such a vital step in choosing foundation. Once you determine your undertone matching your foundation will become an easy process.

Once you know what your skin’s undertone is, you will be amazed at how your makeup comes alive. Even the clothing you choose to wear will compliment you. Finding your undertone is your freedom to discovering the flawless girl in you. Don’t stress about it, have fun with it because you already look amazing as you are.

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