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Why Body Butters Are the Ultimate Moisture Boost for Your Skin

I remember when I would freak out about running out of lotion. What will people think when they see my dry ashy arms and legs?!! Oh it was a crisis trust me when I tell you this.  Well, that was until I discovered body butters and started making them for my personal use. 

Body butters are formulated with some sort of butter in which you can add essential oils and antioxidant ingredients that increase the health of the skin. So, for me it’s a WIN WIN! Most lotions are water based formulas whereas body butters are based primarily with shea butter (or any natural skin butter) and oils.  To truly understand body butters and the benefit of using a body butter you have to know what is body butter.


What is Body Butter?

Body butter is a blend of cocoa butter or shea butter and oils, when combined together they make a concentrated cream that locks in the moisture of your skin to soften and hydrate your skin.


Body butters are really simple to make and you can customize them for your specific skincare concerns. I suffer with eczema periodically and because of that I make all of my body butters with that in mind. I’m very meticulous about what additional ingredients I add into my butters.


One of our best sellers on our website is Sunburst Body and it’s formulated to hydrate skin and restore your natural glow.  Its base is shea butter with added antioxidants to bring the glow back to your skin. Our top performer in that particular butter is pomegranate seed oil.  I don’t know you but I can tell you with all the confidence in the world that pomegranate seed oil is the G.O.A.T. of restoring radiance to your skin.

How to use Body Butters?

Here’s the thing, you can use body butters anytime of the day and in any way that you desire.  However, what I’ve found most effective is applying body butter as soon as you step out of the shower to lock the moisture into your skin. Again it’s your world and you can do as you please.


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