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It's Time to Change the Narrative about Makeup...Are you Ready?

For many years dating back to when I was a lil youngin I always heard people imply negative connotations about makeup. Sometimes I would hear people whisper “she must be ugly, wearing all that damn makeup.” When someone would pass them and God forbid you dare venture and be bold with a red lip, then you were referred to as a “whore”. It’s sickening when you think about the narrative that’s been shoved in our hearts and minds about makeup from a young age. I remember when I was in the 7th grade I begged my mom to allow me to wear lipstick. After all the tears and “I never get to do anything” comments she caved in and said “YES!” The only color I chose to wear was red because from a very young age I guess subconsciously I was a rebel and didn’t give AF what anyone had to say. Guess what? Bih I’m wearing red lip stick who cares what they’re serving for lunch. My lipstick is Pop…Pop…Pop…Poppin! Is what I used to say.

I believe it was at that point that I started changing the narrative within me about what makeup meant for me and what it represented in my life. I never thought women wore makeup because they were ugly. I always told myself powerful women wear makeup because they have choices. It wasn’t anything I heard anyone say it was my inner voice that whispered that to me. Now, as a full, grown ass woman I have heard some real messed up things said about makeup and the women that choose to wear it. I’ve had people say, “you know makeup is bullshit.” “Y’all females always cover up something.” Or the one I strongly dislike the most. “You don’t need to wear makeup.” Uuum excuse me, but bih I know that already! I choose to do what TF I want and as Beyonce said… “I’m GROWN.” (I love that song).

It’s time that we continue to fight to change the narrative surrounding makeup. I love how hard my fellow makeup artist and influencers are going for the new narrative to be established about makeup.

Makeup is about the freedom to choose. It’s about expressing who you are and feeling empowered to do and be whoever you choose to be. No woman “needs” makeup but if she chooses to use it as her accessory for the day, then sit down and SHUT UP about it. No one ever says to men or campaign around what type of haircut a man chooses, what type of cologne he puts on or why he have a baseball cap on because let’s face it some of y’all hiding that pre bald spot but we sit back and let y’all have the freedom to feel empowered and confident with whatever accessory or tool you choose to wear.

Why can’t the same be reciprocated for us, women. I absolutely love to beat my face to the gawwwwds hunnnnty some days, other days I may opt just for a bold lip. Either way I’m choosing tools that make me feel at times; better, empowered, bold and the audacity pill to conquer the world and its many challenges. We still have much work to do as it pertains to liberating the stigma around makeup, and as long as I have breath in my body I will continue to do my part to change the disgusting narrative that makeup is something used to hide behind because something is physically, emotionally or mentally wrong with a woman. She is beautiful, She is bold, She twists, She turns, She transforms, She births, She speaks, She listens, She glides with her stride, She is the MF Bomb.Com with or without her accessory of choice now choose to be good to her and for her or poof your way to ShutUpVille.


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