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How to Infuse Calendula Oil

Calendula is what I love to call a miracle flower. It has a multitude of health benefits that we all can benefit from. It's an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial as well as an anti-inflammatory which is why it has been used as a tea to help many ailments such as stomach ulcers and menstral cramps. As a licensed esthetician that formulates the products in my skincare line I love to use natural ingredients because skincare doesn't have to be complicated. I believe in simplistic systems for skincare regimens. I've had some calendula flowers that I had been wanting to implement in some of my products and thought it would be aweome to make the calendula oil myself.

Heres what you will need:

  • Calendula Flowers

  • Carrier Oil (olive oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, etc)

  • Mason jar with lid

How to To Infuse Calendula to make Calendula Oil

  1. Fill Mason Jar halfway with calendula flower

  2. Cover Calendula with carrier oil

  3. Heat for 8-10 minutes or simply store calendula and oil near a sunlight filled window for 4-6 weeks

  4. After 4-6 weeks. Drain oil in a container of your choice and voila!

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