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Fenty Beauty...Is it the Real Deal?

So by now you should have heard about Rihanna’s extravagant cosmetic launch. However, if you haven’t there’s one thing I want to ask you. Where IN THE HECK have you been? Have you been sleeping under a rock, in a coma, or on a social media break? This beauty launch was a big deal and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of Fenty Beauty’s products. There’s so many cosmetic lines that we get introduced to on a daily basis but the launch of this product was brilliant. First and foremost I personally felt like it came out overnight and made everyone gasp for air. My vocal cords shut right off because I didn’t even know what to scream other than “OMG!!”

I try my best to support cosmetic lines that I feel I’m connected to on a impact type of level and especially the lines that I know live up to what their product claims to be able to do. Fenty Beauty was different for me because what stood out the most is the fact the Rihanna was 100% involved in the making and TESTING of her products. Now, that is something I can stand by.

If you can’t devote the time to create and test your products to make sure it is something that you would also purchase then neither can I. Rihanna is known for her flawless skin and flawless highlights so when I heard she included a highlighter in the production as well I was a little curious of how she could create a highlighter that would grab so much attention. Again…OMG! Have you not seen these highlighters? Have you? Tell me that you have! I don’t know how someone could possibly make you lust over highlighters because I’m not the type to lust over anything but this highlighter makes me feel like I am a unicorn gliding on cotton candy clouds. C’mon Rihanna, girl you truly did your thing with this makeup line. To top it off she made sure that it was exclusively sold at a particular Beauty Shop. Sephora is the only store that you can purchase this product at. I love me some Sephora however, I was not impressed with how they matched my color which I just have to tell you about.

When Fenty launched I knew without a shadow of a doubt I wanted the foundation because if the foundation could win me over I knew I would fall in love with the remainder of the product line. I took my loud, energetic self to the Sephora store at the Brandon Town Center here in Florida. Ok, #1 it was completely sold out which I was not impressed but understood everyone was excited about this brand just as I was so I completely understood. What I did not understand is why in the you know what the Sephora MUA’s used that little electronic thingy on me to match my foundation. The electronic thinga-majig match informed the artist that I am a 330 so I trusted him. I didn’t want to step on any toes because with me also being a professional makeup artist I can step on some toes! I said ok I'll order the Fenty Foundation in a shade 330 and it arrives at my doorstep as promised. I then go through the process of applying this foundation and the first thing I noticed is it’s too orange for me, however I like to give everyone the benefit of doubt so I said I’ll let it settle and where it all day. By the end of the day I looked like an Sesame Street Puppet! I was furious. It was just a bad match however the foundation itself is flawless. So, the moral to that story is if you happen to swing by Sephora to purchase your bottle of bottles of Fenty foundation and they attempt to match you with that little electronic thingy look them square in their eye and say “Hell NO! Match me the old fashioned way by using your natural skills.”

Review TIME!

I purchased the Fenty Beauty Foundation primarily for my personal use but also to sample it to determine if I want to also use it on my clients. I must say the foundation coverage is amazing.

It is very watery which makes it easy to glide over your face. A little goes a long way so use sparingly. If you're going for a natural coverage you will not need that much to accomplish that however, if you’re the Full coverage type of chick this foundation is buildable.

I applied the foundation with a foundation brush and it did look flawless with the foundation brush but I did go over it with a beauty blender to make sure there were no harsh lines anywhere.

I don't even think I need to say one damn word about the highlighters because they speak for their dang self! If you haven't purchased this cosmetic line I highly recommend it. Rihanna looked out for all shades especially my melanin beauties. It's work the $36 (with tax).

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