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4 Ways to Treat Cystic Acne

Have you ever felt a blemish forming under your skin and just didn’t know when that nightmare was going to show up. Oh Yes! You know that one that you felt under your skin & hurt like hell when you touched it. Yes that one!! It decides to show up the week of your special event. Ha! Ha! UGH…what do you do? Try that old remedy your mom told you to do back in the day? “Slap some tooth paste on it” (BTW don’t ever do that) it burns your skin. No hunnnty don’t do that. What you want to do is try some natural remedy’s to bring that blemish to your skin’s surface so that it forms a white head and at this point you can drain it. You want to be gentle with your skin if you decide to drain your blemish. (I’ll do a later blog regarding how to do this properly). If the natural remedy doesn’t work then please get to your local drug store to purchase a skin care product that contains sulphur such as a spot treatment. If you don’t want to do that either you can always go to your dermatologist and let them give you a shot of cortisone but by all means take care of that beast.

I know you hear this over and over and over again from me but I’m going to say it one more time for the people in the back of the room. Take great care of your skin! It’s the only skin that you have and it’s good to love on it which is better known as YOU every single day. Don’t give it that part time love. No one likes that raggedy side kiss (keep that ish) you want the full on, real deal and so does your skin!

Below I’ve listed some natural Remedy’s that may benefit you if you’re in this situation. I was just in this same situation two weeks ago and thought my life was over...I'm so serious. It came at the worst time possible. I’m so into showing up polished at all events and especially on YouTube and I wanted to record videos back to back but guess who decides she wanted to say Hi too. Yes, you guessed it. The pain in everybody’s ass at some time in their life…Cystic Acne.

Natural Remedy

1. Hot Compress- Dip a wash cloth in hot/warm water and fold in a square and apply to the raised area. This softens the skin and open the pores so that you can place the spot treatment on the area. This helps the agents in the spot treatment to enter your pores to treat the infected tissue.

2. Hot and Cold Remedy- Alternate hot and cold compresses every 10-15 minutes this helps open and constrict your pores to bring all the bad bacteria to the surface of your skin and the pimple will form an opening so that any built up fluid can leak.

3. Black Tea bags- Tea has anti inflammatory benefits (especially black tea). This helps reduce any inflammation.

4. Prid Draw Salve- this is a greasy stinky formula formulated to draw the bacteria out and bring the pimple to the surface. It has sulphur and salicylic acid to help treat the pimple.

I hope this helps someone that may be in distress. These remedies have helped me solve a skin crisis at some point in my life.

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