Boost Your Collagen with Caffeine

Caffeine is the name of this game and it’s a game definitely worth playing. Whenever you hear caffeine what do you think of or better yet what effects of caffeine are you thinking of? I know for me, when I think of caffeine, I’m thinking of things being more alert, perky, and depending on how much caffeine you digest your speed in everything that you do increases. This is very beneficial as it relates to your skin and especially if you’re in the 30+ squad. Even though you may still have what others may deem as a baby face and think you are finer than a glass of wine, time is not on your side. I know you are absolutely shocked by this news.

I know we all think it’s a secret, but I'm hear to tell you, my friend that yes things will start to sag, crinkle, and wrinkle. You are so lucky to have a friend like me! Before we get into the good stuff let’s talk about why we need an anti-aging skincare regimen. Number 1 we know time is not on our side and we don’t want to show we’re aging now when we can definitely age later. Number 2, as we age our elastin which keeps our skin tight and smooth as a baby’s bottom begins to get weak allowing room and plenty of space and opportunity for fine lines to sneak in overnight.

Caffeine is a diuretic so when used consistently it can reduce the appearance of cellulite due to it’s fat water filled pockets.


1. Fight free radicals which are caused by our environment. Free radicals speeds up the aging process. So, this is why we get fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Just as coffee wakes us up in the morning, it does the same for our skin. It stimulates blood circulation which makes you look radiant and alive.

3. Reduce puffiness when used as an eye cream. Due to it being a diuretic it draws water from the area giving the area a more tightened look.