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What Makes a Woman Feel Sexy

How many times have you turned on the television or listened to a man describe what makes a woman feel sexy? How did you feel after listening to the description? I can tell you that as a woman I laugh so incredibly hard due to what a man thinks make a woman feel sexy and what the media tries it’s best to make us see as sexy is further from the truth. I will tell you this and please understand that I mean this from the deepest depths of my soul. What you think makes a woman feel sexy is not true for all!

There are very distinct things that truly makes us feel sexy. The physical plays a part however it’s not our priority. Now don’t get me wrong, there are women that truly pride themselves in the physical appearance which they should. I also happen to be one of those women, but it's not my priority at all. My packaging must be appealing but that’s just to attract you this way hunty. Once you've determined the packaging is nice and start a conversation up with me I don’t want the value of my packaging to just go to negative zero. There’s so much more to us than what meets the eye. Oh yes! I know you’ve probably had the opportunity to talk to a variety of our species and I hope that you noticed the diversity in what makes us each tick.

In the season that we are currently in the going trend that is 95% of the time placed in our face is the trend of big asses! Yes I said it and I’m going to say it again BIG ASSES! I don’t understand why that’s such a trend when this has been my life…no Dr. Miami, all natural.

That is the visual that is constantly in the media so it’s being downloaded in our subconscious that this is what makes a woman feel sexy and look sexy. Again, I will repeat this is so not true for the majority of women. There are many women that are on a journey to finding out who they are beyond the physical and then there are the women that want you to only see the physical right now. We all go through different phases but believe me there’s something deep in the core that will activate the sleeping queen within and what was once identified with as sexy will completely be the opposite for each woman when she decides to search within herself for more than what meets the eye. Let me first explain what does not make a woman who has self-awareness not feel sexy:

  • A man compliments and desire for her

  • Poor health

  • Narcissistic people

What makes us feel sexy:

  • Inner Beauty. When we are in touch with our inner beauty

  • No validation is necessary. When there is no need for validation from anyone other than self. When you are not aware of who you truly are you seek validation from others. You may not think you look beautiful, however if someone tells you that you’re beautiful you then agree and have some inner validation that you must be beautiful because a stranger acknowledged it.

  • Self-care is a priority. Self-care is not a selfish act. It’s more that we must take care of ourselves and make sure we’re okay before we can do the same for others. Self-care can come in many forms from protecting your energy to time alone to polish your nails. We’re very selective of what we allow to penetrate our minds, spirit and body. Not everyone and everything has access to you. Now that is sexy as heck!

  • The way SHE loves. Every woman loves in her own unique way. It’s something about how we decide to love you. We were created to be nurturers, so it’s second nature to us. We love hard…well I’m speaking as the Virgo that I am. I love hard.

  • Confidence. No one has respected or viewed a woman appealing if she comes across as a push over and not sure of herself. One of the characteristics that peaks my interest in a man is his confidence. The way he enters the room, his energy, the tone of his voice, his body language, the ability to articulate what he wants to convey. Yes! Give me more! That is a head turner for me. This is the same for women when we show up confident. It's a showstopper. Always remember like attracts like.

  • Her Compassion. There’s something about being concerned about others that make me feel sexy. I love being able to resonate with others and show empathy. I love the superpower of being able to identify when someone needs encouraging words or just a hug. I just love that about women. We are able to cuddle, encourage, and mentor some of the strongest men of our time because of this one super power.

Don’t be so quick to think you know what makes us feel sexy because you may just be dating a woman that hopes and pray that you see who she truly is well beyond what meets the eye. Take the time to really get to know the women in your life you'd be surprised about what truly makes them tick and feel sexy.

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