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8 Tips To Keep Lipstick in Place All Day

You’ve planned your makeup look for the day. You’ve been wanting to wear that bold fuchsia lipstick from Coloured Raine, however every time you attempt your lipstick and lip gloss end up looking a mess. The color somehow seems to travel outside the perimeter of your lips. Let’s not even talk about going out to happy hour and with one sip you leave all of your beauty on the rim of the glass

I absolutely despise continuously applying lip gloss and lip color and I do not…I repeat DO NOT like it when it interferes with my daily activities. It has always been imperative that I keep up with beauty hacks and succeed at keeping my lip color as well as my clients in place at all times. I was ecstatic when beauty manufactures came out with matte lipstick. Matte color stays in place for the majority of the day which is amazing. There’s so many other wonderful hacks that you can try to make sure your lips stay bold and vibrant all day long. It may take trial and error but hey that’s life. Here’s 8 tricks you can try starting today.

  1. Exfoliate & Moisturize. Just as our skin builds up dead skin cells so does our lips. Be sure to exfoliate your lips 2-4 times a week to keep them soft and lock in the moisture with a lip balm. If you’re strapped for cash Vaseline will always do the trick.

  2. Wear lip liner. Lining your lips whether it’s with a color lip liner or an invisible liner. It creates a barrier around the perimeter of your lips that keeps your lipstick from venturing outside.

  3. Wear minimum lip gloss. I know we all love lip gloss however this formula tends to travel and will often take a peek outside.

  4. Use a lip brush. Implementing a lip brush in your application routine helps navigate the contours of your lips which locks the color in.

  5. Blot Away. After applying your lip color be sure to use tissue to blot away any access lip stick that may have a mind of its own.

  6. Seal with translucent powder. You work hard to make sure you lipstick looks perfect and refuse for it to look an absolute disaster an hour after applying. To prevent this from happening all you must do is dust it with translucent powder.

  7. Conceal. Trace the perimeter of your lips with concealer to hold the color within the border.

  8. Drink from a straw. This is beneficial on so many levels. It keeps your lipstick on your lips for starters but it also keeps your beverage from staining your teeth. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Let’s keep those teeth sparkly white and keep those lips popping with color.

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