8 Tips To Keep Lipstick in Place All Day

You’ve planned your makeup look for the day. You’ve been wanting to wear that bold fuchsia lipstick from Coloured Raine, however every time you attempt your lipstick and lip gloss end up looking a mess. The color somehow seems to travel outside the perimeter of your lips. Let’s not even talk about going out to happy hour and with one sip you leave all of your beauty on the rim of the glass

I absolutely despise continuously applying lip gloss and lip color and I do not…I repeat DO NOT like it when it interferes with my daily activities. It has always been imperative that I keep up with beauty hacks and succeed at keeping my lip color as well as my clients in place at all times. I was ecstatic when beauty manufactures came out with matte lipstick. Matte color stays in place for the majority of the day which is amazing. Th