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How to Identify your Signature Color

Everyone has that one or multiple amazing colors that compliments them Oh Soooo well. Every time you wear them people hit you with the “That color looks great on you” or “That is YOUR color.” You smile and kindly say “Thank you chillle.”

This is simply called your signature color. There’s no such thing as “no color looks great on me”, it’s a matter of experimenting to find the right color that brings every aspect about you to life.

Life is meant to be lived boldly and without limits. Identifying your signature color can bring that fiyah back in your life that you thought you loss.

It’s been statistically proven that when you look good and feel good, you do good. It does wonders for your confidence and how you feel about yourself. Truthfully, that’s what it’s all about and that’s just getting to that sweet spot where you’re feeling ya’self. Oh yessss hunty I know what spark that creates within your life. You start to feel unmessable with, it’s as if you’re driving along and all the signals turn to green just for you. Amazing? I know, right!

To discover your signature color you must first know your undertones. This is the color underneath your skin tone. It’s the color that shines through when you blush or get overheated. There are three undertone categories that you will fall in alignment with and those are:

  • Neutral

  • Warm

  • Cool

Knowing your undertones will help you better identify what color brings you to life versus colors that make you appear dull, but before we get into the most amazing adventure ever let me first say that you can wear any color that you want to wear, it’s simply a matter of finding the right shade of a particular color that compliments you well. I used to think yellow drowned me out and it wasn’t until I found the right shade of yellow that complimented the golden undertones of my skin that truly made my entire look come alive.

I love looking at eye shadow palettes and the different hues and shades of the same color. It’s always one or two shades that I know for sure would get my signature look popping. For starters let’s review the basics of the color wheel. There are 3 primary colors, meaning these colors cannot be mixed with any other color to be created.

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Yellow

Next you have your Secondary colors which are created by mixing the primary colors.

  • Orange

  • Violet/purple

  • Green

Then you have your tertiary colors which are formed by mixing your primary and secondary colors.

What I have found best as it relates to finding your signature colors is pairing a warm (vivid, energetic) color with a cool (calm, soothing) color. It’s all about finding the right shade of color.

You may be asking why do you need a Signature color? Well I have a question, have you heard that saying that goes like this, “You are the Brand.” It’s so true, many people may identify you with a certain color, your quirky ways, you calm demeanor, etc. The #1 characteristic people will associate you with and that is the color that you wear and how well you wore it and for this reason alone you need to have a signature color(s) that make you turn heads when you enter a room.

Determine your Undertone. There’s many ways that you can identify with your undertone. To find out how to identify your undertone. Click here.

Warm palette

Now let’s find a warm palette that works with your undertone. The key here is to not find just one color. You want to find a variety of shades that will truly work for you. You are not going to wear the same color orange everyday however you may wear a variation of shades and hues of that color.

Cool Palette

It’s time to find your cool palette. Yes! You need to find a palette that works for you here too. Remember warm and cool colors compliment each other and this is why you want variety. You got the magic now let’s make it work.

Neutral Palette

Here we are at the common ground spot. I absolutely love neutrals but remember not all neutrals work for every undertone so be mindful of that. For example,

When I wear white alone it makes me look dusty (well it does, I’m not ashamed to say that). However, when I pair up white with warm bronzer in my makeup routine or warm eye shadow it pulls everything together in elegance.

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