How to Identify your Skin's Undertone

Have you ever purchased a foundation that you were super impressed with at the retail store only to find out when you use it later that night for a special event, it makes your face look ashy and masked? It’s the worst feeling in the world and for the real beauty addicts you may even get a little emotional especially if your eye makeup game is popping! Foundation is one of those beauty purchases that can be a hit or miss. Many women avoid the foundation isle all together because they seem to not be able to get it right. The foundation finish can be too light, too dark, ashy and/or gray which makes you appear as if you are wearing a mask. Don’t be discouraged, at some point in every woman’s life she has been on the same side of the foundation table. I can remember it like it was yesterday when this repeatedly would happen to me. Even when I would go to the beauty counter and get matched by a professional the foundation was never right. I felt so discouraged which made me step my skincare game up because after all the foundation route was just not working. So, what do you do when you’re consistently getting bad results from matching your foundation with your natural skin tone? The correct answer is start with your sk