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3 Best Drug Store Foundation of 2019

There are so many times when we think that flawless makeup can only be achieved by high-end, luxury foundations. Girlfriend let me be the first to say that’s nothing but lies! Being a working makeup artist, I can tell you that some of my best work was created using a drug store foundation. Listeeenn...No one has ever asked me what foundation I used on them. If there’s a preference, the client will bring the foundation of their choice (this is another conversation for another day) on the day of their photoshoot or event. Don’t turn away from the drugstore brands because there are many out there that will DO the trick or do a Better trick for you. I narrowed my choices down to my top 3 “Go to” drug store foundations.

1. LA Girl Pro Coverage. This foundation is a lightweight liquid foundation. It provides medium coverage and can be built up to achieve full coverage. I love the fact that this foundation has a dewy finish and gives the skin a health glow. If you're the type of beauty that loves a clean finish then you definitely want to try this hidden treasure out. It's priced at $9.00 and I was able to find this foundation at a local beauty supply store.

2. Revlon 24hr color stay. A year ago, I went on a search for a foundation that was comparable to MAC’s studio fix and I found it with Revlon 24hr color stay. I love the coverage of this foundation. You must work quick with this foundation because it does dry fast giving you little time to work with it. It comes in a variety of shades which I absolutely love. It does provide you with full coverage and has spf to protect your skin from UV rays. This is my go to treasure when I'm in a time crunch and don't have time to order my fav MAC foundations.

3. L’oreal Infalliable foundation. I love both versions “Fresh Wear and Pro Matte”. You can build this foundation up to full coverage however one layer is just enough to give you medium coverage. I’ve tested this foundation to determine if it last all 24 hours. Let me tell you this…I wore the Pro Matte foundation to SeaWorld in Orlando, FL on a hot as hecccckk day and let’s just say my foundation was still in place when I returned home. It truly is a longwear foundation which comes in handy. If you are a beauty that tend to have long days building your brand or just simply living life and don’t have time to keep stopping to check your makeup, then go for the L’Oreal Infalliable foundation. It does not disappoint.

What is your go to drug store foundations? Let me know in the comments below.


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