6 Benefits to facial steaming

Steam is something we all run into daily. Whether it’s at the hair salon, the boiling of water on the stove, in the shower,or in a humidifier. Steam is beneficial to our daily use when used in a healthy manner. Before I became an esthetician I can’t say that I intentionally steamed my face but I do know that it was steamed daily in the shower due to the steam coming from the water. Over the years it’s truly made my skin healthy and radiant. Go figure, when I’m trying I can't do anything healthy as it relates to my diet and some skin practices but when I’m not even trying my actions are increasing my health. It’s a win either way I look at it.

If you haven’t tried to steam your face then girlfriend this blog post is for you. Before I jump into any of the benefits take a look at your skin right now and ask yourself, could my elasticity in my skin be firmer, does my skin look a bit dull? If you answered yes to any of those questions then it’s time you tried something different to get different results. Trust me you’ll love me for it. In two weeks you’ll definitely see a noticeable difference in the texture and radiance of your skin. As mentioned there are many benefits to steaming your face regularly however I’m only going to leave you with 6 of the top benefits to steaming your face.

Why is it Beneficial to Steam my face?

1. Improves Circulation. Steam loosens the muscles in your face and helps your skin breathe which allows the blood to flow freely. The increase of circulation in your face is the reason many will compliment you on the glow factor in your skin.