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Easy DIY Melt & Pour Soap for Beginners

Your skin is with you from day one for the remainder of your existence here on Earth so why are you not hella picky about what you put on it? Lately I’ve been really into bringing the skin on my hands back to their youthful appearance which lead me to get in the kitchen and start mixing some ingredients up (that process is for another blog post on another day hunnnty). One of the first soap bases I played around with is goats milk. With it’s many benefits I thought it would only be a natural start for me when making my hand soaps. You can definitely use this soap on other parts of your body, however I use these particular soaps on my hands. It’s main ingredients are of course the goat milk and also cocoa butter.

If you’ve been on the fence of where to start with making your own soap then melt & pour base may just be your answer. You can get melt & pour soap bases in almost any ingredient you would like to star in your soap. I personally love making soaps because I can control what ingredients are going on my and my family’s skin. I like to have all natural products due to the fact from time to time I suffer from Eczema depending on the weather or my stress levels it will trigger my eczema. Keeping that in mind I decided it was time for me to add natural, customized luxury soaps to my brand. To see how easy the melt & pour soap making method is click the below video to watch this easy peasy process.

I got all of the ingredients from Amazon. I also use for a few other star ingredients in my skin care line but this DIY recipe you can for sure just use Amazon to gather what you need.


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