How to Confidently Be the Face of your Biz

You’ve started the business or at least had the thought to start a business and become the CEO of your life. That’s awesome sauce! Let me stop right here to take a moment to high five you! You are going to be amazing and the value you will provide will be the butter to your audience or mash potatoes! (I love food so yaaaasss my references will 90% of the time involve food) Quick question, how will you attract the people to your business who will need you the most? Will it be through facebook advertising, instagram organic growth, LinkedIn or some other platform? Every relationship has to start somewhere, right?

Yes! Building that relationship is the key to your success. It's first established by how you show up then by your integrity. Your audience has to like, know and trust you; they need to see you as the expert that will solve their problem. Like most small business start ups, you debate whether your face should be the face of your business or if it should just be the logo you had an awesome graphic designer create for you. It’s truly a tough decision and you should think this very important pillar of your business completely through. Honestly speaking I truly believe that your face should be the fa