How to Keep Your teen Skin Healthy during Quaratine

With Covid-19 being a huge interruption in everyone's life there may be many ways your body respond to the level of stress that comes along with this new normal we are all forced into. That led me to think of the children especially our pre-adolescents and teens. Their hormones are raging out of control trying to find their own rhthym within the chemistry of the body and to add more on here is more stress. The skin and stress just don't get along and can torment our children with breakouts and unwanted skin flare-ups. When Covid-19 started getting serious here in Tampa, Fl my daughter who normally has perfect skin had the worst breakout for two weeks and I must admit I started freaking out. Then I remembered I am an esthetician that has helped many teens and adults overcome their skin woes. I rid my mind that she was my baby and went into full estethician/skin expert mode. We did several things which I will share in another post with a video to explain the woes this child went through. However, it did make me wonder how many more kids were going through this same thing globally and what we as parents can do at home to maintain our kids healthy skin.

The first thing you need to know is that what your teen skin is going through is completely normal. With the fluctuation of their hormones mixed with unspoken stress, it’s causing all types of flare ups in the skin.