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Loving the Skin You're In: Facial Serums that Pack Power

Healthy Skin is a new trend or at least that’s how it’s presented. Truthfully, healthy skin has always been top priority for me. Everyone would love for their makeup to be flawless but not everyone wants to do what’s necessary to get even remotely close to having that “flawless makeup” finish. That process requires; time, love compassion, patience and consistency which is found in your skincare regimen and skincare products.

We all have that one skin concern that makes us feel a bit less confident than we normally would feel. (for those of you who says “I don’t have any skin issues.” Girl hush! I’m not talking to you…lol)

From hyperpigmentation to enlarged pores, acne, dry/dehydrated skin to signs of aging we pray a magic potion is created and rains down on us like never before. Well I can’t promise you a magic potion however I always say that if you are going to invest in any product in your skincare collection it should be a serum and here's why. Serums are highly concentrated antioxidants that focuses on a main skin concern which makes it highly effective. I absolutely love natural products that does not weigh my skin down and does what it claims to do. This only applies to you if you are doing your part too. For a while now I've been quietly testing and working on a skin serum that focuses on slowing down the aging process and putting the glow back into your skin.

Let me introduce you to the Makei Beauty Skin Love Serum.

It’s derived from natural ingredients that targets aging, dry/dehydrated skin. It puts the Glo in GLOW and Rad in RADIANT! With ingredients such as Frankincense. This essential oil in particular has been used for years dating back to the birth of Jesus! Some of it's functionality includes balancing oil production while simultaneously tightening the skin. It's strengthens your skin, improves tone and elasticity. I can go on and on about this one essential oil which is used as one of the main ingredients in the Makei Beauty Skin Love Serum. This serum is truly all about giving you your confidence and glow back while making your skin healthier. To learn more about the skincare serum click here.


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