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6 Qualities Every Confident Woman Possess

We all have encountered a woman whose energy screamed elegance. She intrigued us and we wanted to know more about her. Just the near fact that she was in the room or in close proximity gave us excitement. We trusted her, believed her, and admired her. These are qualities that confident women exude without us knowing her personally. She cannot be swayed with the glitz and glam of this world. She’s here to leave a legacy so there’s not many material things that can get her eyes to dance. Women are a mystery that no one has ever been able to solve because there’s so many mazes, dips and hidden doors to her unique abilities and qualities.

The essence of a woman is magnified when she is confident. Confidence is not loud it’s very subtle but it’s never mistaken for it’s close cousin arrogance. Confidence is grace packaged pretty with a dash of sassy. There are 6 qualities that every Confident women possess that leaves you with a lasting impression that cannot be ignored.

  1. Her Self-Awareness is turned to the max. Confident women are constantly re-evaluating their daily intentions so this always leads them to personal development. Whether it’s spending a few minutes or hours daily meditating or journaling they self-reflect daily. Self-reflecting allows you to discover yourself. What makes you tick, what motivates you to take action, how to identify energy that doesn’t serve a great purpose in your life.

  2. They give 0 cares about what you think of them. Women that are confident are very aware that everyone will have an opinion about something. We see it daily where we are being judged by our body image, hair color, eye color, the way your left eyebrow is higher than your right one, how you run your biz, etc. If you cared about every single opinion that others so graciously handed you as if it’s their gift to you. You would drive yourself crazy if you let every piece of advice given to you affect how you live your daily life. I have learned that no matter what, you cannot please people so it’s better you enjoy your life and do what makes your soul happy and not what makes others happy.

  3. Follows their purpose. One thing that fulfills a confident woman is the fact that she finds the courage to follow the vision that God gives her. It’s not enough to spend the day making money. The work and mission must align with your life purpose.

  4. Detaches from the old to step into the new. This is the most painful thing ever however it’s a necessary phase in elevation. Everyone is not meant to travel the journey with you. This is quickly recognized in women that are open and self-aware. For me I don’t make a move without prayer and one thing that I consistently pray about is for God to reveal who’s for me and who’s not for e even if it hurt. Girl, some of the revelations chopped me right in the throat, however I knew that I must move on for the sake of God’s purpose in my life. take your hand off of the door knob that God is truly trying to remove. Stop holding on because this is only delaying the process.

  5. She understands the value of personal branding. When I refer to personal brand I’m not talking about your website or social media, however I am talking about how you show up in the world. Your attitude, your tone of voice, your appearance, etc. It does matter!

  6. Leads with Love and Kindness. Most confident women love to spread their light in the world. Nothing gives them more fulfillment than inspiring others to live the best version of themselves daily.

What ever you do in life be sure to always do what authentically feels right for YOU! Sign up to join the Makei Beauty Squad for all the latest promotions and happenings in the world of a woman on a mission to conquer life while looking damn good on the journey.

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