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The Makeup of Endurance

Endurance is that unspeakable power behind everything that you do. You must endure to be successful in everything in this beautiful world. Sometimes the struggle of it all is not so beautiful. It may be things that you thought you would never do, accept cruel remarks from naysayers, work long hours, motivate yourself when there’s no more motivation left in you to give to anyone not even yourself. Endurance is what separates the weak from the strong. If you can endure you can get through the dark times with the little light you have to come out on the beauty side of everything. Have you been tested lately with the cruelty of making your dreams become reality?

Have you been working your 9-5 just to come home and clock in to something you’re truly passionate about and work the rest of your waking hours to make a little progress? The entire time your phone has been blowing up with text message after text message, voice message after voice message. Your friends want you to come out and hang but what they can’t see is the vision you have in your mind so they don’t understand the big deal of why you can’t miss one night of working on your dream to go hang out with them. Did I mention endurance is all about sacrifice? My bad, if I didn’t. Yep, it’s all about sacrifice. You are going to lose the friends that are really not your friends to begin with, you will gain people who will use you because they know you’re on your way to something great so they try to latch on which then puts you into a position to cutting them off, all of this effects your strategy of endurance. Who can relate to this? I know the majority population of the entrepreneurship arena gets it. Being a small business owner around people whose only goal at the present time is to work a 9 to 5 to continue maintaining the life they currently have will not get it.

It's best that you don’t waste not one ounce of your breath on getting them to understand either. They'll understand one day when they put an application in at your company, but in the meantime keep enduring. There’s a reason why you hear athletes talk about endurance, they know at some point you will want to give up no matter how much you want to achieve your goal. It will take endurance to push yourself over the threshold. No one wants to be known as a quitter so you must train for mental endurance. Mastering this will get you the results you desire because nothing presented to you will ever appear as an opportunity to throw in the towel, it will appear as “I’m going to win.” So, you want to be the best mom of all time, you want to take your biz from making $100 to $10,000.00 in 30 days or maybe you just want to start on a dream you’ve buried deep inside. Whatever it is that you want to do “ambition” alone will not get you there. It’s going to take mental, emotional and physical endurance to push you over your limitations. How do you jump start your makeup of endurance?

To improve Mental Endurance:

Remove external motivators! When building up endurance there are going to be many of times you are going to be alone in a dark place (mentally) and it will only be YOU to motivate you and push you to work that plan.

  1. Be Consistent. The #1 reason why most do not reach their desired results is because they are not consistent. If you’re wanting to get fit and tone up you can’t go hard for the first week then tell yourself “hey next week we can chill”. You must be consistent until that activity becomes your new “good habit”.

  2. Remove Distractions. You have complete control over what and who you allow in your life. We often let certain people and things throw us off and we easily lose focus and by the time we regain our focus the momentum isn’t the same.

Distractions are:

  • The scroll trap of social media

  • Relationships that drain your positive energy

  • Wandering thoughts that are not focused

  • Excessive snacking

  1. Build your confidence. A lot of times we give up because we’re not confident in ourselves, abilities, etc. Confidence is a muscle that requires consistency, courage and catering services. What did you do in school when you were failing a subject? Yep! You studied and worked your ass off to understand what it was that you needed to master to become the expert. This one act helped some of you become tutors in the very subject you once sucked at. Don’t give up…STUDY!

  2. Think Positive and take action. Thinking positive and taking action is going to take you far and help you endure. I said “think positive” not be delusional. Some people take that positive thing too far. It’s okay to feel exhausted, mad and sad. Those are all human emotions and regardless of how positive you are you will have those moments where you will need a pick me up. This is where your internal narrative can take over with helping you get back centered into your positive vibration. When we take action that helps our brains rewire and get more creative and push us past that initial low vibrating energy. When you feel like giving up and just feel low, start working that plan and don’t think about anything but working that plan. Shut your phone down, put on a music station of your choice and just get to work.

It's really simple yet we often make life so hard. I know I've been there and sometimes I still visit "Difficult St." Try making these few adjustments and development them as daily habits and I guarantee you, you will see all of your dreams and goals manifest.

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